Space Exploration

Related eBooks The question of the costs versus benefits of space exploration comes up whenever a new mission or goal is announced. While it may well be true the money spent on these missions could benefit other needs here on […]


Astrology is a complex study of celestial bodies and their perceived influence on human behavior and natural events. Many members of the scientific community consider it a pseudoscience. They believe astrologers have failed to produce empirical evidence to validity astrology. […]


Since the dawn of existence, people have gazed up into the sky, seeking answers; desiring to know why are we here? Where exactly is here? What are those glowing lights in the night sky? They began spending more time examining […]


If anyone ever bothers you for paying attention to trivial details or staring off into space, then tell them you are busy studying cosmology. This field could technically involve anything under the sun and beyond. Cosmology is the study of […]

Benefits and Importance of Space Exploration

For decades mankind has been trying to push the limits of technology as it embraces new opportunities of better understanding the universe through the resources of space exploration. While there is often a debate concerning the results which are discovered […]

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